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Comedy / Episodic


Duration: 58 sec


Two friends discuss dating in NYC. 



Commercial Reel


Duration: 1:53 min


This is a compilation of some of my commercial work  ☺ 

Drama / Film (self-tape)

 Duration: 58 sec

Two sisters clean up after their mother's funeral.

Unique Fitness Gyms

 Duration: 1 min.


 Accent Reel

  Duration: 32 sec


 RP, South London, Eastern European, Irish, Italian, English Posh, American Southern.


 Drama / Film

  Duration: 1:08 min


  A woman is blackmailed by a gumshoe.

 Short Comedic Monologue

  Duration: 1:08 min


  This is a cut from a longer monologue I love from the show BARRY. 


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