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Coffee House


Duration: 58 sec


This is a cut from a comedic short. Chris and Chloe discuss dating in NYC. 


 Short Comedic Monologue

  Duration: 1:08 min


  This is a cut from a longer monologue I love from the show BARRY. 


Gumshoe (Drama)


In this film, I play Mrs. Anderson, a woman being extorted who tries to get information from the gumshoe. 


Duration: 2:40 min

 Video Games (Comedic)

  Duration: 25 sec


  This video is about a playful video game match between husband and wife.



Commercial Reel


Duration: 1:53 min


This is a compilation of some of my commercial work  ☺ 

Unique Fitness

 Duration: 1 min.

Fashion App Promotional Video

Duration: 2:12 min


This is a promotional video I did for for a fashion app called StyleBox, in Milan. I also did V/O for it. 

Unique Fitness Mom

 Duration: 45 sec


  Duration: 1:07 min


  This is a cut from a short film about marital stress when expecting a child. 


Hedbanz Commercial

Duration: 0:16 min


I play Mom in this enthusiastic commercial for the Hedbanz game!

Dramatic Scene

Duration: 1:23 min


This is a cut from a dramatic short called "Moving In". Tensions grow and Emily speaks her mind when James becomes obsessed with the mouse in their house.

Italian National Spot

Duration: 30 sec


Cafe Borghetti Italian National commercial I shot in Milan. 

Dramatic Scene

Duration: 1:50 min


This is a cut from a dramatic short called "The Proposition". Allyse apporoaches an old friend with a tempting business proposition.

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